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Over the last 10 years, Misty Mozejko has lost 120 lbs, become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and created several 6 figure personal training and boot camp companies. In order to reach her goal of helping 10,000 women create profitable fitness businesses, Misty now shares her systems, profitability triggers, email marketing skills and much more in her daily emails and blogs.

She develops viral social media campaigns for the fitness industry, systems that generate a consistent 6 figure income for fitness studios and works with the worlds top email marketing specialists on ground breaking persuasion techniques, projects and challenges that create armies of raving clients.

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She is really doing some rather glorious things with her marketing magic for ladies that lift (and run and do wellness and heal and dance and lunge and stuff) and want to earn more, do less and connect emotionally with their target audience PS: I 100% guarantee that she is very good at the things & stuff. Just happens to sound a bit like a stripper…

Dan Meredith - 6 Figure Fitness Copy Writer, larger than life Productivity Coach and all round general business fruitcake:

Dear Misty – I'm so grateful for your support and assistance with getting my studio up and running! I have full confidence in what you're assigning me to do!!! But I mostly appreciate you for the belief and reminding me that what I'm offering is VALUABLE, I felt so "scattered" and sometimes lost that I started to not believe in what I have to offer. thanks for all you have done so far and can't wait for the new year!!! Blessings, P.

Priscilla, CEO and Trainer Extraordinaire at P3 Fitness Phone: 905 725 3222

Misty is a true professional - she gets things done and takes charge. She delivers the results and keeps pushing to make them happen. I would absolutely recommend her services if you want to get the job done.

Jonathan Riveria, The Podcast Factory

Misty is hands down one of my best Email Players. She's also the first (and only) person I even considered for writing the emails to my podcast list.

Ben Settle, The Ben Settle Show: